Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation

Incorporated in 2011, PAHRC conducts independent research to support the efforts of the public and affordable housing industry and its stakeholders. PAHRC also engages in collaborative research with a number of industry group partners to inform current knowledge about important public and affordable housing questions. In addition to research, PAHRC compiles data relevant to affordable housing issues from a wide variety of primary and secondary sources and makes these data available to affordable housing industry members as well as the general public.

National Housing Preservation Database

National Preservation Database screenshot

The Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation and the National Low Income Housing Coalition invite you to explore the National Housing Preservation Database, a new comprehensive data source on public and affordable housing. Read more.

Why Housing Matters – 2014 PAHRC Report

PAHRC Report Cover

Assisted housing provides not just a place to live, but a stable platform from which residents and their children can access critical resources that will allow them to change their lives.
Read more.