Based on their original research on the key challenges to thriving faced by low-income families living in federally assisted homes, PAHRC has developed a tool that allows housing providers, community leaders, and residents to better understand the dimensions of opportunity accessible in their area. This webinar will introduce the neighborhood opportunity search tool, show how housing providers and community can leverage the tool in planning and decision-making to help community residents better reach relevant opportunities, and discuss new research on the barriers low-income families living in federally assisted housing face in furthering their economic mobility, which supports the tool.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the research and data behind the neighborhood opportunity search tool
  • Become familiar with how to use the opportunity search tool
  • Find other planning and program resources to leverage opportunity to help low-income families thrive


  • Kelly McElwain, MPP, Research Analyst III, PAHRC
  • Keely Stater, Former Director, Research and Industry Intelligence, PAHRC