Are you looking to improve affordable housing options for low-income families? PAHRC offers data-driven research consulting to housing providers, local governments, advocacy groups, and other housing-focused organizations to support your efforts.

Affordable Housing Consulting Services:

Neighborhood Opportunity Assessments and Mapping

Tailored to your goals, the custom assessment leverages our proprietary opportunity capital and neighborhood desirability indices to understand how neighborhoods can provide opportunities for low-income families to thrive. Our indices use outcome-based indicators to measure the combined impact of job access, educational opportunity, transit access, and a positive health outlook on the potential for economic advancement. We also look at how neighborhoods are changing in terms of desirability and investment potential. This report will provide you with actionable insights to inform your development and acquisition plans, future client services strategies, voucher payment standards, and more.

Moving to Work (MTW) Support

Are you an MTW agency or are you thinking of becoming an MTW agency? PAHRC can increase your team’s capacity by providing program evaluation and data analysis to help you identify new activities, structure evaluation into your future plans, assess the performance of your current efforts, and identify areas of opportunity. We can also help support your MTW application process.

Affordable Housing Preservation Planning Support

Tap into PAHRC’s specialized knowledge of the federally assisted housing inventory to help preserve affordable housing in your community. We’ll use the National Housing Preservation Database to inform your preservation planning and offer tailored insights to strengthen your strategy for preservation priorities.

Evaluation of Programs and Activities

PAHRC can help your organization use data to measure program performance and make any needed course corrections early for maximum impact. We can also help structure programs to produce statically valid, actionable outcome data and benchmarks for decision-making.

Housing and Community Needs Assessments

Tap into PAHRC’s extensive knowledge of the U.S. affordable housing inventory to conduct a housing needs assessment for your community. We can also help define community needs that impact affordable housing and related services using U.S. Census data and other data tools.

Need Something Else?

The affordable housing industry is always evolving, which is why PAHRC offers customized reports to fit your needs. Whether you’re thinking about development and acquisition, neighborhood investments, future client services, or collaboration with partners to better serve your community, we have a variety of datasets at our fingertips that can help.

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