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By Tyler Mannix Mar, 30 2023
The Public and Affordable Research Corporation (PAHRC) released new findings today showing that while more than four out of five public housing agencies (PHAs) surveyed have implemented a strategy to help clients achieve successful outcomes, only one in five reported having initiatives in place to increase equity among their residents.…
By Tyler Mannix Dec, 09 2022
The Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation (PAHRC) and the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) released today a joint report, improving Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Data for Preservation.
By Tyler Mannix Dec, 07 2022
By: Kelly McElwain - The National Housing Preservation Database (NHPD) celebrates its tenth anniversary! Over the last decade, the NHPD has become a critical resource for affordable housing stakeholders across the country, serving as the only comprehensive list of nearly 80,000 federally supported housing properties across the U.S. With support…
By Tyler Mannix Dec, 07 2022
By: Staci Canny - With flooding now the top natural peril in the U.S., and research finding that 40 percent of the nation’s occupied rental stock is located in areas likely to experience a substantial annual loss due to natural disasters, one thing’s for sure: It is critical for affordable…
By Samantha Mantiglia Mar, 03 2022
By: Rep. Kristian Hernández - Brian Swanton is the president of Gorman & Company, a development firm that builds and manages low-income housing nationwide, including some 2,000 affordable housing units in Arizona, where he is based. The demand for such apartments greatly exceeds the supply...

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