Despite limited resources, housing agencies are finding innovative ways to improve educational outcomes for their students. Some examples include partnering with local schools, boosting parental engagement, providing internet access and devices, connecting families to healthcare and other developmental supports, addressing health and safety concerns, and offering enrichment activities. This webinar will feature practitioners from Fresno Housing Authority and Fresno Unified School District who will discuss best practices and lessons learned creating housing-centered education programs. The webinar will also discuss findings from A Platform to Learn, which describes how housing-centered education programs can support the educational needs of children living in publicly supported homes.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the educational needs that children whose parents seek out housing assistance face nationally.
  • Identify resources that inform housing-education partnerships.
  • Learn best practices for housing and education providers to develop a housing-based education program.
  • Identify factors housing and education providers should consider when developing a housing-based education programs.
  • Understand how to overcome challenges implementing a housing-based education program.


  • Doreen Eley, Senior Manager, Fresno Housing Authority
  • Mary Helen Caggianelli, Assistant Manager-Resident Services, Fresno Housing Authority
  • Laura Gemetti, Principal of Heaton Elementary, Fresno Unified School District
  • Keely Stater, Former Director of Research and Industry Intelligence, Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation
  • Abra Lyons-Warren, Senior Program & Policy Manager, Council of Large Public Housing Authorities