As flood risk in neighborhoods across the US rises, how can affordable housing providers prepare and secure insurance coverage at a favorable rate? This webinar will discuss the vulnerability of the federally assisted housing stock to flooding, how affordable housing organizations can develop a disaster preparedness plan, and mitigations to reduce vulnerability to flooding in new and existing developments. It will also discuss trends in the insurance industry, what to consider when seeking flood coverage, and strategies to reduce flood premiums.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the vulnerability of the affordable rental housing stock to disasters.
  • Recognize how to assess exposure to disaster vulnerabilities.
  • Recall best practices to consider when developing a disaster preparedness plan for an affordable rental property.
  • Recognize strategies to make new and existing properties more resilient to flooding.
  • Recall trends in the insurance industry regarding flood coverage and costs.
  • Identify strategies to reduce flood premiums.


  • Kelly McElwain, MPP, Senior Research Analyst, Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation
  • Mary Ciccaglione, Risk Control Manager, HAI Group
  • Lynn Crisci, Assistant Director, Product Development, HAI Group