As finding affordable housing becomes more of a challenge for families across the country, many communities are finding creative solutions to help increase the supply of affordable housing and complement other affordable housing efforts. This webinar will feature practitioners involved in two such efforts: updating zoning laws and creating local housing trust funds.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of local funds in affordable housing development and how a local affordable housing trust fund can increase the affordable housing stock.
  • Recall the steps to creating a local housing trust fund and some best practices for administering such a fund.
  • Learn about the critical role zoning plays in incentivizing (or dis-incentivizing) affordable housing and the experience of Minneapolis.
  • Understand how communities might go about updating their zoning laws, which players to bring to the table, and the key codes for encouraging affordable housing.


  • Michael Anderson, Director, Housing Trust Fund Project
  • Joseph Bernard, Planning Project Manager, City of Minneapolis
  • Keely Stater, Director of Research and Industry Intelligence, Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation