Over 2 million seniors live in federal-assisted homes, yet this group has unique needs to consider as they age in place. This webinar will provide an overview of demographic trends in older adults and pre-seniors living in federally-assisted homes. It will also present new research on the unique needs of these seniors compared to their low-income renter peers and discuss how they are positioned to fare as they age in place, challenges housing providers face in housing low-income older adults, and how an affordable service-enriched home can help low-income seniors thrive especially during the pandemic. The webinar will conclude with suggestions for housing providers and their partners based on the research and audience Q & A.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the current demographic landscape of older adults above 62 and pre-seniors living in federally assisted housing properties.
  • Understand the unique needs of older adults living in federally assisted homes and how they may differ from other low-income older adults.
  • Learn about the ways in which older adults living in federally assisted homes are better positioned to age in place than their low-income peers.
  • Discuss ways that federally assisted housing providers and their partners can help older adults thrive as they age in place especially during the pandemic.


  • Keely Stater, Former Director of Research and Industry Intelligence, PAHRC
  • Kelly McElwain, Research Analyst III, PAHRC
  • Alisha Sanders, Senior Director of Housing and Services Research, LeadingAge