As the publicly supported housing stock continues to age, many affordable rental homes face growing capital needs and expiring rent restrictions – what’s at risk and what can be done? Access a recording of part one of PAHRC and NLIHC’s two-part preservation webinar series, Understanding Preservation Needs, Risks, and Tenant Protections. This webinar features four speakers who will discuss the preservation needs of the affordable housing stock nationally. They also highlight the preservation challenges specific to rural areas and the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program, the importance of tenant protections, and federal strategies for preservation.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the types of risks to the nation’s affordable housing stock.
  • Understand the risk factors that increase the likelihood that a property is lost from the affordable housing stock.
  • Recognize the preservation needs and risks of Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties reaching Year 30.
  • Recognize the preservation needs and risks of properties located in rural communities.
  • Understand the importance of adopting tenant protections.


  • Vince Reina, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania
  • Dan Emmanuel, Senior Research Analyst, National Low Income Housing Coalition
  • Lance George, Director of Research and Information, Housing Assistance Council
  • Bridgett Simmons, Staff Attorney, National Housing Law Project